Welcome to Steppenwolf!

We love that every individual has a different path to the theater, and we’re happy to do what we can to make it easy for everyone to be here.

Our goal? For everyone to feel safe, relaxed and invited. We hope the information in this guide is helpful.

If you have questions or thoughts about anything else we can do to make it easy for you and your party to be here, please email access@steppenwolf.org or call Megan Kaminsky, Associate Director of Audience Experience at 312-932-2445.

Getting Here


Steppenwolf Theatre Company 1650 N. Halsted Chicago, Illinois 60614

Bus Stop

The Halsted Bus (#8) runs North/South and stops in front of the theater. The North Avenue Bus (#72) runs East/West and stops a half-block south of the theater.

CTA Train Stop

The nearest El stop is the North/Clybourn Red Line station, a half-block south of the theater.

Parking Lot

Parking is available in the parking structure at 1624 N. Halsted, just south of the theater. Parking is $17 (credit card payments only).


Valet parking is available in front of the main entrance of the building at 1650 N. Halsted. The valet will have a sign. It costs $17 (cash or Zelle payments only). If you don’t see the attendant right away, they are likely parking a car! Wait a moment and they’ll be right with you.


There are bike racks on the sidewalk outside of the building, and you can check your helmet and gear with our staff.


There are three different entrances into the theater from the street: the Ensemble Theater Lobby entrance, the Main Box Office Lobby entrance and the Front Bar entrance.

Ensemble Theatre Entrance

1646 N. Halsted

Main Lobby Entrance

1650 N. Halsted

Front Bar Entrance

1700 N. Halsted

Campus Map

Campus Map

Path Through the Theater

Patrons in the Steppenwolf Lobby under a sign that says Box Office

Before the Show

Guests may enter the Main Lobby on Floor 1. Before the show, everyone is welcome to hang out in our lobby spaces starting one hour before show time. If you arrive before the lobby opens, guests are welcome to hang out in Front Bar. Seating and restrooms are available in all these spaces. Tickets are available at the Box Office. If you printed your ticket at home or have your ticket on your phone, you can go straight to the theater doors. Those who would like to check out an assisted listening device may do so at our Guest Services desk, located inside our lobby gift shop. ALDs are free to use and function in all our theater spaces.

The theaters open approximately 30 minutes before show time. Volunteers will scan your tickets at the theater doors, then you are welcome to take your seats. Staff will be present inside the theater to offer assistance and answer questions. You will know which theater door to enter by looking at your ticket.

For shows in our Downstairs Theater

The Main Left door is on the left side of the box office and the Main Right door is on the right. Balcony Left and Balcony Right are on Floor 2, directly above their main floor counterparts.

For shows in our Ensemble Theater

You will head to the southernmost part of campus. There are wayfinding signs to assist you, as well as staff members stationed throughout the lobby.

Entrances & WaYfinding

  • The East Door is on Floor 1.
  • The South Door is on Floor 2 and is only accessible by stairs. If you have a South Door ticket but cannot use stairs, you may take the elevator to floor 2 and enter through the North Door.
  • The North Door is also on Floor 2. To get to Floor 2, guests can use stairs or an elevator.

There are two staircases guests can use, one on the north side of the Main lobby and one in our Ensemble Theater lobby. There are also two sets of elevators, one on the south side of the Main lobby and one in the Ensemble Theater lobby. The elevators can only hold 8 people at a time. Sometimes the elevators shake a little bit when they are moving, but this is totally normal and not something to worry about.

The show is about to begin!

There are programs in a bin next to each theater door. Please help yourself if you did not already receive one. There may also be an usher handing them out. The lobby lights will slowly flash to signal when the play is about to start. If you exit the theater during a show, it is at the discretion of the house management team to reseat you. There are areas in the lobby with a television that are showing the play.

Once inside the theater, there are wayfinding signs to assist in helping you find your specific aisle, row, and seat number, which are all labeled on your ticket. You may also ask a volunteer usher or a staff member for assistance.


There are multiple restrooms at Steppenwolf.

Gender-specific restrooms

There are gender-specific restrooms labeled for men and women in the Main Lobby on Floor 1 and Floor 2. The restrooms in the Main Lobby are located near the elevators on both levels. All restrooms have accessible stalls.

All-gender restrooms

There are all-gender restrooms located in our Ensemble Theater lobbies on both levels, as well as in Front Bar. Some people are most comfortable in restrooms that do not designate a specific gender presentation. The all-gender restrooms have multiple stalls that anyone is welcome to use. The all-gender restrooms also have accessible stalls.

Everyone is welcome to use whichever restroom makes them feel the most comfortable.

Food and Drink

Front Bar

Steppenwolf's Front Bar

Photo by James Steincamp Photography

There is a café/bar attached to Steppenwolf called Front Bar that features coffee, tea, food, beer, wine and cocktails for purchase. It will be open before, during, and after the play. If you want to take your drink into the theater, let the server know and they can put your drink in a plastic or paper cup. Glass is not allowed inside the theater for the safety of our patrons. It should be noted that Steppenwolf is not a peanut-free campus.


Balcony Bar

Steppenwolf's Balcony Bar

Our Balcony Bar is located on Floor 2. It is open before the show begins as well as at intermission (if there is an intermission). Drinks and snacks are available for purchase here and may be brought into the theater. Be sure to check out our Steppenwolf History Wall when up here!


Tap Bar

Steppenwolf's Tap Bar

Tap Bar is located on Floor 1. It is at the southernmost point of our campus near the Ensemble Theater. Tap Bar has a variety of beers on tap as well as a full selection of drinks and snacks. When weather permits, it is attached to our patio!