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SATURDAY, february 17

  • 2pm: lobby open
  • 3pm: curtain
  • Runtime: 85 minutes with no intermission

Waiting to buy tickets until the day of the show? No problem  tickets will be available and walk-ups are okay! All tickets are $25 general admission.

Feel free to access our Welcome Guide for helpful tips regarding your visit to Steppenwolf. 

Who's It For?

This performance is designed to create a safe and welcoming experience for guests who may include (but are not limited to) individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as people with sensory sensitivities. Family members and companions are welcome, as is anyone who might enjoy this relaxed environment.

Please note that the content of this performance includes mild profanity and references to violence and sexuality. Ultimately left to the discretion of the individual and their guardians, our age recommendation for this production is 14 and up.

What Is It?

In advance of everyone's visit, we'll share a detailed narrative about what it's like to visit Steppenwolf - from arrival in the parking garage to the role of the ushers to what it means when the lights in the lobby flash. We'll also share an overview of the play that includes a plot outline and an introduction to the characters.

We've enlisted a great team of volunteers who will be placed throughout the lobbies and theater to help with wayfinding and offer warm support.

In the lobby, we'll have a quiet area set up where guests can go if they want to take a break and relax.

(Let’s be honest – we should be doing this stuff for everyone.)


Production adjustment

A Relaxed/Sensory-Friendly performance takes into consideration those aspects of a production that can be challenging or triggering for guests, and seeks to adjust them accordingly. While we will make some sensory adjustments, we will not change the essential artistry of the play.

Working with a team of experts who are experienced with sensory sensitivities, we will make adjustments that may include:

  • Lowering light and sound cues
  • Eliminating loud or jarring effects
  • Leaving some of the house lights on so the theater won't be completely dark
  • Leaving some seats empty so that guests can move about during the performance
  • Keeping a theater door open for easy exiting and reentry during the performance

Share your thoughts and questions

Every individual has a different path to the theater, and we're really happy to do what we can to make it as easy and welcoming as possible for everyone to be here. If you have questions or specific needs we can help address, please email

In preparing for this performance, we're lucky to be working with a group of experts and consumers who have experience living with sensory sensitivities or working with people who do. As we strive to build a program that helps everyone feel welcome, we appreciate all perspectives - please share feedback by emailing