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Q&A With Next Up's Laley Lippard

by Laley Lippard

Laley Lippard will direct The Glass Menagerie in this June's Next Up repertory. What’s the first play that made you think “I have to make plays.” Paula Murray Cole staging an original adaptation of The Trojan Women at The Governor’s School for the Arts--Cole incorporated recent accounts from Bosnian rape camps, our ensemble worked with a boy who was smuggled out of Bosnia by posing as a priest, we covered our bodies with ash colored paint, and she wove in a driving sound-scape with a live drum band. The entire experience cracked open what theatre could be. What’s the last play you saw that blew your mind? This by these guys here. If you could create theater in any locale or era (other than the present), where would it be? Ancient Greece for the birthplace of drama and democracy but as my gender might relegate me to the kitchen, I hereby chose right here and right now. There's no better time to be making theatre. It’s ten years from now. You have carved/ altered Chicago’s theatrical landscape. In five words, what looks different? The relationship of audience and stage. Someone leaves your play. They’re stunned. They’re silent. An hour later, they turn to their theater date, and utter—in your ideal world—what sentence? I still feel more alive and it hurts and I love you. Answer in one sentence: Why does this play have to be done now? As we look towards the coming election, and out to the revolutions happening across the globe, as the fiery Braille alphabet of our own dissolving economy drives us to escape in the fantasy of our screens, distracted and distanced, it is Williams and the Wingfields that call us home to get closer to the answer of what it means to live now. Meet Emily Campbell , and Adam Goldstein, the other directors whose work is featured in this year's Next Up repertory. Have a question for Emily, Adam, or Laley? Ask it on our Facebook page or using #NextUp2012.