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Q&A With Next Up's Emily Campbell

by Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell will direct Life and Limb in this June's Next Up repertory. What’s the first play that made you think “I have to make plays.” Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls What’s the last play you saw that blew your mind? The Little Prince, directed by David Catlin It’s ten years from now. You have carved/ altered Chicago’s theatrical landscape. In five words, what looks different? Theaters take over our spaces. Someone leaves your play. They’re stunned. They’re silent. An hour later, they turn to their theater date, and utter--in your ideal world-- what sentence? How did they know that about us? Answer in one sentence: Why does this play have to be done now? Soldiers are dying, and we forget them. Soldiers are coming home, and we ignore them. Life if short, we need to hold onto each other. Your play has to be adapted into another medium (film, book, sports event). What is that medium? A film noir classic mystery. Fill in the blank: I wish contemporary American theater was more_______ rewarding, affordable, enlightening, magical. A play you’re scared to direct: Death of a Salesman. A play you know is on your bucket list: WELL by Lisa Kron. Something you do in the rehearsal room that you think is unique to you? Medical Massage Warm-ups One adjective to describe the last thing you want your play to do to your audience. Numb Meet Laley Lippard, and Adam Goldstein, the other directors whose work is featured in this year's Next Up repertory. Have a question for Emily, Adam, or Laley? Ask it on our Facebook page or using #NextUp2012.