expanding our community

Steppenwolf's Campus Expansion began in 2016 with Phase 1: the completion of the 1700 Theater and Front Bar: Coffee & Drinks.


The 1700 Theater is an 80-seat, flexible, interdisciplinary performance space that houses a wide range of exciting productions and attracts young and diverse audiences through the multi-genre LookOut Series. Audiences will find an adventurous array of work in the 1700 Theater including: 

  • Limited runs from quintessential Chicago theatres such as Teatro Vista, Definition Theatre, The Gift Theatre Company, The Yard and Strawdog Theatre
  • Unique engagements with Steppenwolf's legendary ensemble members such as Molly Regan, Cliff Chamberlain, Jon Michael Hill and Jeff Perry 
  • Exciting acts drawn from Chicago's rich comedy, storytelling, dance, music and performance art scenes 

1700 theatre, band playing



Front Bar: Coffee and Drinks is Steppenwolf's very first public social space. A bustling all-day and evening cafe and bar, this space comes to life with neighbors, artists, and audiences. It's difficult to remember Steppenwolf without it and easy to see the reason for more spaces like it.