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4.48 Psychosis upends convention on and off the stage

by Martha Lavey

In 4.48 Psychosis, Sarah Kane explodes the conventions of dramatic writing to immerse her audience in the fractured consciousness that shifts their experience of reality. In our staging of the play, we echo Kane’s transgressive impulse by upending the conventions of the theatrical space. We invite you to move around the space throughout the performance, shifting your point of view and proximity to the performers. For your safety, we ask that you do not enter the three platforms designated as a bathroom, the bedroom and the office. All of the other platforms can be used for your viewing access. Please do not physically interact with the performers or talk to them during the performance. There are objects scattered throughout the room that will be used in the performance. Please do not remove or relocate these items. If you are unable to stand for the 70-minute performance, the House Manger will provide you a seat at your request. Thank you for coming and thank you for your adventuresome spirit in exploring this challenging and unconventional play in a unique stage space.