LookOut is Steppenwolf’s performance series that presents the work of artists and companies across genre and form. Emerging artists and performance legends, quintessential Chicago companies and young aspiring ensembles, familiar Steppenwolf faces and new friends.

Unless specified otherwise, all performances take place in Steppenwolf's 1700 Theatre, an intimate and flexible 80 seat venue nestled behind Front Bar: Coffee and Drinks.

Wednesday, August 21 at 8pm
Standup comedy at a sit-down theatre. Hosted by Ed Flynn and Sadieh Rifai, Standupenwolf! features an all-star lineup of local comedians and special guests as diverse as Chicago itself. Standupenwolf! is a curated cocktail of funny featuring music, stand-up and top-flight weirdos of every stripe.

Broken Nose Theatre Presents
Bechdel Fest 7: Momentum
Sunday, August 25 at 7pm; Monday, August 26 at 7pm; Tuesday, August 27 at 8pm and Wednesday, August 28 at 8pm
Pay What you Can: $5 to $40
Returning to Steppenwolf for the second year in a row, Bechdel Fest is an evening of new short plays featuring female-identifying and nonbinary characters talking about things other than men. Since its first iteration in 2013, Bechdel Fest has allowed Broken Nose Theatre to partner with some of the city's most outstanding artists to tell new and relevant nonbinary and women-centric stories that pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors.

Muslim Writers Collective Presents
A Variety Showcase
Friday, August 30 at 8pm and Saturday, August 31 at 8pm
Falafel for your thoughts? From the stranger who came thru in your time of need to the pal who unexpectedly saved the day - or even that annoying family member who you might not always agree with, we’ve all been surprised by a random act of compassion. In an era of individualism, how do you step outside your own perspectives to create a culture of empathy?

The Ajumma Show LIVE
Wednesday, September 5 at 8pm
A live recording of the podcast sensation "The Ajumma Show" -  where two Korean comedians (Peter Kim & Eunji Kim) examine relationships, career, and pop culture through the queer, feminist lens of an Ajumma - aka a Korean auntie.

Stir Friday Night Presents
Big Little Eyes
Thursday, September 6th and Friday, September 7th at 8pm
Come see Stir Friday Night's newest sketch comedy revue! Pupils always surface...whenever you open, your big little eyes...

Water People Theater Presents
The Delicate Tears of the Waning Moon
By Rebeca Alemán, Directed by Iraida Tapias 
Presented by Chicago Latino Theater Alliance for Destinos – 3rd Chicago International Theater Festival and LookOut
September 19 - October 13
Inspired by true events, this poignant drama by Rebeca Alemán is about a human rights journalist, Paulina, who has recently emerged from a coma and must recover her memory in order to unveil the truth and achieve justice. All she remembers is that she has a mother and a daughter. Rodrigo by her side goes to inconceivable lengths to help her. 

LookOut Inquiries

The LookOut team is always interested in seeing new work and meeting artists; inquiries and invitations to see work are welcome and can be directed to lookout@steppenwolf.org. As a multidisciplinary performance series, we are primarily interested in connecting with Chicago-based artists who have an existing body of presentable work. We are particularly interested in offering a platform to artists representing historically marginalized communities and programming work that incorporates diversity across genre, form, and perspective. Please note that we do not accept unsolicited full-length scripts.