Steppenwolf IMPACT

Take Your Team to the next level

Steppenwolf is now expanding its impact to corporate and professional development training with Steppenwolf IMPACT. The IMPACT program takes Steppenwolf's revolutionary ensemble approach beyond the stage and into the workplace, offering unprecedented access to this world-renowned company.

Created alongside Steppenwolf's illustrious ensemble of artists, this program is designed for executives, managers, and department leaders looking to increase emotional intelligence, enhance authentic and effective communication skills, and transform their team into a high-performing ensemble.


Ensemble training for non-actors.... brilliant. An afternoon of peeling away facades and examining how we communicate verbally and non-verbally strengthened us as a team and provided powerful reminders that authentic individuals benefit the common good. Highly recommend the program- Well done Steppenwolf!

- Heather Davis, CNA



The Training

Steppenwolf's IMPACT program offers three different options for training. Each training can be taken individually, in any order, and can be delivered through half-day workshops, full-day intensives, and multiple-day retreats.


impact option a: The Ensemble Way
  • Galvanize your team with a shared vocabulary
  • Develop an ensemble-based work culture
  • Tap into your team’s unlimited potential
impact option b: Courage and Collaboration
  • Encourage bravery, innovation, and risk-taking
  • Challenge conventional thought patterns to cultivate growth mindsets
  • Discover and develop your team’s individual and collective superpowers
impact option c: Authentic and Effective Communication
  • Empower management teams to lead with curiosity, courage, and compassion
  • Create a culture of communication that values authenticity
  • Sharpen presentation and public speaking skills


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Interested, but want to know more? Email your questions to


Interested, but want to know more? Email your questions to