What is a radio play?

Good question! A radio play is a purely aural performance with no visual component. There are actors voicing the characters and their performance is complemented by underscore and sound design. Think podcast or audiobook. In the Vimeo video (more on that below) you will receive, there will be ASL interpreters as well as closed captions on screen. We will also  title cards with scene numbers to help you track where you are in the play. But listeners can feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy this aural experience. 

Who can register for this offering?

This radio play is available for all educators to share with their 8⁠–⁠12th grade students, including classroom teachers, youth mentors, leaders of after-school programs for youth, leaders of unschoolers or homeschoolers groups, etc.

What is the age range for this play?

This show is available for 8⁠–⁠12th grade students only. 

Is there any cost associated with streaming the play for my students?

No! If you are eligible to register, this is a completely free offering.

What is the age range for this play?

We recommend this show for 8th grade students and older.

When will the play be available for streaming?

The streaming window is October 19 – November 20, 2020. If you register beforehand, you will receive your streaming information on October 19 via email to share with your students.

If you register on or after October 17, please allow 1 business day for processing, after which time you will receive your streaming information via email.

The registration deadline is November 16, and the streaming window will close on November 20.

How will students access the radio play? Will they each receive their own login credentials?

You will receive a password-protected Vimeo link and the password via email, which you can share with all of your students. Please do not share the link and password with anyone other than your students; if a colleague wants to register for the show, please send them our way and we'll happily provide them their own link.

Should log-in/ credentials be misused or distributed inappropriately, access to Animal Farm will be shut off and future access to additional SYA content may also be compromised.  

How exactly will students access the play once they have the link?

This radio play will be accessible for streaming via Vimeo, a free video-hosting platform that can be viewed in browser, as well as downloaded as an application on Google and Apple devices. 

How long is the play? 

The play is 90 minutes.

What if my students can't sit and listen to the entire play at once? 

No worries! Your students will be able to pause the recording and resume it at their convenience.

Are there any additional resources to use for this radio play?

Our George Orwell's Animal Farm study guide is now available, complete with artist interviews, cast features so students can see/hear each character before they listen, a play synopsis, lesson plans and more! This study guide is meant to be a companion piece and teachers should feel free to use it how they see fit. Check out past SYA study guides here.

Additionally, join us for FREE virtual events surrounding Animal Farm to meet the cast and artists behind this radio play and help your students engage more deeply with this offering. Events are free and open to everyone, whether you are streaming the production or not.

Is there a limit to the number of students I can share my link and password with? I have a lot of students! What if I teach multiple classes, such as 100 students in total? 

When you register, you will let us know the number of students in your class(es). Feel free to share the link and password you receive with all of your registered students; there is no limit. We hope that they will enjoy the production! 

I have English Language Learners or English as a Second Language Learners. Do you have any advice for them?

As this is a radio play, we understand this can be a challenge for non-native English language speakers. There are two things that might be of help:

(1) we will provide a copy of the script for all students to follow along with the radio play. This will be available as of October 19.

(2) if your students read Spanish, there will also be a Spanish-translated version of the script available for them to read along as of October 19.

What accessibility services will be available for this radio play?

For this production, we will provide:

(1) closed captioning available while accessing the radio play via Vimeo.

(2) American Sign Language interpretation built into the Vimeo video. 

(3) a copy of the script in English for all students to follow along. This will be available as of October 19.

(4) a Spanish-translated version of the script available as of October 19.

Have further questions?

You can contact Education Associate Abhi Shrestha.