Half Hour: Steppenwolf Theatre Podcast


Stories and conversations. Half Hour to places.

Half Hour is a Steppenwolf Theatre produced interview-style podcast that uses the most magical amount of time there is in the theatre—the half hour before a show begins—to sit down and make connections between artists in the Steppenwolf family. To hear their stories. To learn about their processes. And to discover what motivates them to create theatre.

Half Hour takes audiences behind the scenes for candid, intimate, one-on-one conversations between members of the nation’s premier ensemble theatre, artists in Chicago and thought leaders in this industry.

Half Hour is produced by Patrick Zakem, mixed and edited by Matthew Chapman. Half Hour is immediately available on our website and on all of your favorite podcast platforms.

Episode 4 – William Petersen: "Cast Me or Not"

Ensemble member William Petersen shares stories and insights from his remarkable career in this interview conducted by Glenn Davis. The lively conversation covers Petersen's school days in Idaho, his love for Chicago's theater scene and the origins of his industry-shifting television series CSI.

Interview begins at 4:50.


In episode three of Half Hour, Caroline Neff interviews Kathryn Erbe. In the conversation, Erbe shares stories about the first time she saw a Steppenwolf show, her eleven years starring on Law and Order: Criminal Intent and the challenges of balancing a busy acting career with a family life.

Interview begins at 4:51. Episode exclusively sponsored by Doug Brown and Rachel Kraft.

EPISODE 2 – K. Todd Freeman: "Being Despicable"

In this second episode of Half Hour, Audrey Francis meets up with fellow Steppenwolf Ensemble Member (and her former acting teacher) K. Todd Freeman. The conversation covers what is was like for Freeman when he joined the ensemble, how he prepares to play unsavory characters onstage and why he will never perform in a two-man show again.

Interview begins at 6:48.

Episode 1 – Jeff Perry: "An Explorer’s Heart”

The debut episode of Half Hour, a podcast from Steppenwolf Theatre Company. In episode one, meet co-hosts Cliff Chamberlain, Glenn Davis, Audrey Francis and Caroline Neff as they introduce the new show. Then, Chamberlain sits down with Steppenwolf Theatre Company co-founder Jeff Perry for a conversation covering Perry’s half hour routine, coping with jealousy and how to approach art making with “an explorer’s heart.”

Interview begins at 8:12. Read the transcript.