Make your mark-join the Steppenwolf Visionary Circle 

Make a gift in your estate plans and join a group of insightful and imaginative individuals who ensure the vitality of Steppenwolf for future generations. Your commitment, of any amount, guarantees your legacy will touch the lives of anyone who walks through Steppenwolf’s doors. From students first discovering the power of live theater to audiences and artists experience a new play together, your generosity will spark creative encounters for many years to come.

Ensure that your legacy makes its mark on Chicago theater. Join Steppenwolf’s Visionary Circle.

No minimum financial level is required to be a Visionary Circle member!

Membership Benefits

For your future gift, enjoy these membership benefits starting today:

  • Invitations to Visionary Circle events with Steppenwolf artists
  • Private backstage tour with family members
  • VIP ticketing services
  • Recognition on the Donor Wall in the theater lobby and in Steppenwolf programs

For more information about making a planned gift, or to be recognized for a commitment you have already made to Steppenwolf, please contact Eric Evenskaas, Senior Development Director, at (312) 654-5615 or or print and mail back this card.



There are many ways to make a planned gift to Steppenwolf and provide tax benefits to your estate and/or heirs. Below are a few gift examples to discuss with your financial advisor.

Steppenwolf's Official Name, Address and Tax ID

Steppenwolf Theatre Company
1700 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60614
Tax ID #: 51-0149370

A Gift Through Your Will Or Trust

A gift through your will or revocable trust is a simple and meaningful way of remembering Steppenwolf that may be directed where most needed by the Board of Trustees. A sample clause to share with your attorney is:

I give to Steppenwolf Theatre Company, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation whose address is 1700 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614, Tax ID #51-0149370, (the sum of $_________) or (_____ % of the residue of my estate) for its general purposes.

Retirement Plan Assets

The designation of Steppenwolf as a beneficiary of retirement plan benefits may be a very savvy tax-wise gift strategy. Our charitable tax status exempts retirement benefits from estate and income taxes that your individual heirs could incur if you were to give retirement plan assets to them.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance that you no longer need for your family security may be donated to Steppenwolf by transferring ownership of the policy or naming the theatre as a beneficiary. Your estate may be entitled to a charitable deduction for the proceeds passing to Steppenwolf.

Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust enables you to make a contribution to Steppenwolf in exchange for payments each year for a specified term or for life. This payment can be made to you or others you choose. Your gift is invested for the specified term or life and then the remaining assets are transferred to Steppenwolf to be used as you have directed. These types of gifts can also provide significant income, capital gains and estate tax savings for you.