Steppenwolf proudly recognizes our Major Individual Contributors for the 2020/21 Season. Donors with ‡ have made a generous multi-year pledge. 

Grand Benefactors

Grand Benefactor Donors have made a significant three-year commitment to support major artist-driven work.

Michael Bender and Sheridan Prior
John Hart and Carol Prins‡
Liz and Eric Lefkofsky‡
Anne and Don Phillips‡
Robert and Louise Sanborn
Helen Zell‡

Premier Patrons

Andrew and Amy Bluhm‡
Meredith Bluhm-Wolf and Bill Wolf
Phil and Mary Beth Canfield
Ann and Richard Carr
Rich and Margery Feitler
Amy and Cameron Findlay‡
Ethel and Bill Gofen
Mary and Bill Ludford
Joseph and Rika Mansueto
Cari and Michael J. Sacks‡
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Shapiro‡
Elliot A. Stultz
Bryan Traubert and Penny Pritzker

Grand Patrons

Julie and Roger Baskes‡
Douglas R. Brown and Rachel Kraft
Joyce Chelberg
Dennis and Karen Chookaszian
Nora Daley and Sean Conroy
Donald and Anne Edwards
Bob and Amy Greenebaum
Pam and Dennis D. Howarter
Marian and Fruman Jacobson
Jeffrey Maling and Rebecca Johnston
Andrew Keyt
Lynn Lockwood Murphy and Barrett B. Murphy‡
Ron and Paula Mallicoat
Christopher and Eileen Murphy
Susan and Ted Oppenheimer
Kenneth J. Porrello and Sherry L. McFall
Deborah and Stephen Quazzo
Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill
Colette Cachey Smithburg and Tom Smithburg
John and Carol Walter

Distinguished Patrons

Leigh and Henry Bienen
Betty Bradshaw
Liam and Francesca Connell
Caroline and Keating Crown
Aimee Graham and Nigel Caine
Joan M. Hall
Jeff and Lisa Jozwiak
Jared Kaplan and Maridee Quanbeck
Michele Kenner
Laurie Anne Kladis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lad
Susan Lichtenstein and John Rokacz
Jim and Kay Mabie‡
Susan and David Mendelsohn
Randy and Susi Rowe
Ms. Elizabeth Schubert
Harry J. Seigle
Chuck Smith
Pam and Russ Strobel
Ronald and Geri Yonover


Mr. and Mrs. John Aalbregtse
Andy and Sue Arnold
Sarah Beardsley and Dr. Christopher Randolph
Shaun and Andy Block
Michael and Cathy Brennan
Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly
Richard and Mary L. Gray‡
Ginger and Del Hall
King and Caryn Harris
Perry and Cathy Iverson
Brad and Kim Keywell
Robert Rivkin and Cindy Moelis
Lynn Hauser and Neil Ross
Stephanie B. Smith and Gerald Smith
Judy Sugarman
Jacqueline and Glenn Tilton
Nina B. Winston and Norman V. Kohn‡


Anonymous (3)
Deborah and
James Ader
Harold and
Judith Anderson‡
Gerry Barad and Bridget Thomas
Bob and Trish Barr
Dee Beaubien
Mr. Alex Block
Stephen and
Lynn Bolanowski‡
Steven Borkan and Lauren Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brooks
Carole L. Brown
Lois Browning
Phil Burgess and
Jim Nutter
Gia and Isaac Colunga
Jerry and
Josephine Conlon
Elizabeth H. Connelly
Merle R. Cooper
Deb and
Denny Cowhey
Phyllis Cretors
Beth Boosalis Davis
and Maxwell S. Davis
Tracy Drake
Mary M. Emerson
Amy Eshleman and
Lori Lightfoot
Ms. Judith Aiello
John and Katherine Fox
Kevin Goldstein and Sarah Fox
Valerie and
Paul Goodrich
William and
Nanci Greene
Jack and
Sandra Guthman
Marcy and
Harry Harczak
Judy and Jay Heyman
David Hiller
Craig and
Heidi Johnson
Timothy B. Johnson and Valerie B. Wiley
Jen and Brad Keck
Amos and
Anat Madanes
Verett Mims
Arthur and
Bryce Minetz
Amy Morton and
Rob Milburn
Alyson and
Patrick J. Nash, Jr.
Barbara and
Daniel O'Keefe
Ms. Doris D. Roskin
Sarah Rubin and Barbara Schmidt
Sandra and
Earl Rusnak, Jr.
Shirley and
Patrick G. Ryan Sr.
David and
Judith L. Sensibar
Geoff Smith and Catherine Stewart
Toni Sandor Smith
Marcie and Avy Stein
Matthew Steinmetz
Richard and
Elaine Tinberg
Frances E. Tuite
Howard and Jane Tyner
Elena Urschel
Donna and Dirk Vos
Susan Wagner and
Michael Lippitz
Allan Waite and
Gregory Ostfeld
Tom Wake
Dr. David Wasserman
Tom and Blaine Wells
Jack and Keli Wildermuth


David Abrams and
Cynthia Bemis Abrams
Kim and David Adler
Jack J. Adrian
Nicholas and
Kathleen Amatangelo
Kimball Anderson and
Karen Gatsis Anderson
Robert C. Anderson
Robert and
Marilyn Arensman
Jeffrey S. Arnold and
Ellen J. Neely
Edgar Bachrach
James J. Bagley
Richard and Janice Bail
Andy and
Stephanie Baker‡
Elena and
Yuri Balasanov
Gustavo Bamberger and
Martha Van Haitsma
Catherine Bannister
Merrill and Alice Barden
Judith Barford
Cynthia Barginere
Solomon Barnett and
Camila Salvisberg
Martha and Al Belmonte
Scott and Carla Benigni
Shirley and
Tom Berchou‡
Louis Bernstein
Ane Marinez Lora
Dr. Mary E. Belford MD
and Mr. Ric Berta
Jim and Sherry Bicak
John Blair and
Liz Buchanan‡
Ms. Faye Blake
Marlene Breslow-Blitstein and Berle Blitstein
Shelley Bloch and
Brian Sweeney
Stanley and
Anne Boychuck
Doug Bradbury
Lin Brehmer and
Sara Farr
Marissa and
Tim Brinkley
Reid Brody and
Sally Schwartz
Cheryl Lynn Bruce and
Kerry Marshall
David and Michelle Buck
Timothy Burroughs and
Barbara Smith
Michael and
Merle Cahan
Mr. Ed Calkins
David Callahan and
Terri Abruzzo
Joseph and Cory Cancila‡
Ray Capitanini
Holly and Tom Carr
Helen and Paul Chang
Drs. Rex Chisholm and
Kathleen Green
Nancy Ciezki and
Diane Kostecke
Sarah Cohn
Thomas and
Katherine Coleman
Steven and
Caralynn Collens
J. Gorman Cook and
Carole Kohout
Bryce Cooper
Patricia Cox, Katie and
Will Hunckler
Winnie and Bob Crawford
Carl and Cynthia Curry
Stephen F. Danziger
Judy and
Tapas K. Das Gupta
Wendy Davis
Diane Dawson
Greg Desmond and
Michael Segobiano
Gautam and
Ritu Dhingra
Roberta S. Dillon
Patricia and
Richard Doonan
Philip and Marsha Dowd
Raymond and
Marybeth Drake
Charlotta Duffy
Art and
Elizabeth Duquette
Jon and
Susanne Dutcher
Dr. Steven B. Edelstein
Laura and Scott Eisen
John and Jennifer Elliot
George Engeln
Becki and Scott Etzler
Ms. Rebekah Eubanks
Juliet and Marc Fallah
Randall Fearnow and
Beth Anne Compton
Juliette Feld and
Andrew Grossman
Harris J. Feldman, M.D.
Roxanne Hori and
Robert Felsenthal
Carol and
Steven Felsenthal
Richard and Linda Filler
Peter and Joanne Fischer
Ian and Stacy Fleming
Jane Fleming and
Melinda Kempton
Lisa and John Folkers
Kim M. Folta
Daniel J. Rubin and
Karen Frederick
Jim and Sandy Freeburg
Michael Fridholm
Lori Mae Frith
Susan Fuchs, M.D.
Leonard Gail and
Robin Steans
David and
Noreen Gallagher
Denise Michelle Gamble
Patti Eylar and
Charlie Gardner
Gary L. Gephart
Susan and John Gibbons
Nancy Gidwitz
Suzanne Gignilliat and
Tom Hinkes
Christine Albright and
Lawrence Gill
Beverly Wyckoff and
Charles Ginsberg
Mr. and Mrs. James
J. Glasser
Charlie and Mary Gofen
Deidra D. Gold
Dr. Paul Goldstein and
Ms. Nasrin Mahani
Sue-Gray Goller
John Gorey and
Catherine DeOrio
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon
Mary and Jim Greene
Michael and Lisa Greenfield
Maggie Gregory
Martin and
Melanie Grune
Suzanne Gylfe
Michael Hansen and
Nancy Randa
Stacie R. Hartman
Dorothy Harza
Jean M. Hawkinson
Sandra L. Helton and
Norman M. Edelson
Ms. Kara Henry
Marlene and Sonny Hersh
Richard and
Elaine Heuberger
Elizabeth and Andrew Hibel
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Hill
Jon Michael Hill
Ann Hoenig and
Jonathan Hoenig
Halley Hoffman
Mr. Andrew Holden
Michelle and Glenn Holland
Grayson Holmbeck
Jack and Kathleen Horn
Holly E. Humphreys
Kathleen and Jim Hurley
Sandy Ihm and Ken Belcher
Dr. and Mrs. David Ingall
Lukas Janulis and
Amber Seiber
Patricia Jeffers
Craig "CJ" Jensen and
Craig Dannenbrink
Reis and Sherri Kayser
Thomas E Keim
Sheryl and Tom Keith‡
Chris Kendrick and
Kasturi Haldar
Helen J. Kessler
Patricia and Wayne Kik‡
Jean Klingenstein
Janet and Tom Knauff
James Kochalka
Abby and David Kohl
Allen Kohl and
Anita Mann Kohl
Mr. and Mrs. Sanfred
Mira Krishnan and
Teri Jourdan
Suzy Krueckeberg
Raminder and
Vinay Kumar
Diane Landgren
Peter and
Shirley Dugdale Laundy
Travis Lenkner and
Erin Delaney
Karen Levine
Tanya Levshina and
Ilya Volvovski
Arthur and
Catherine Lewis
Ms. Stephanie F. Linn
and Dr. Seth B. Krantz
Dr. Paul M. Lisnek
Beth Loeb
Abby and
George Lombardi
Diane and
Alejandro Longoria
Fran Lambros and
John Lowry‡
Mrs. Barbara Lucas and
Ms. Toni Sieve‡
Michael Maloney and
Christine Zyzda
Sandy and Jerry Manne
Barbara and Larry Margolis
Christine and
David Markovitz
Don and Melinda Marshall
Michael McGuire
Andrew Means
Dr. Janis Mendelsohn
Amy Laiken and
Tim Michel
Jan and
Carol Miecznikowski
Chris Mollet and
Lynne LaJone
Eleonore Moncheur de
Rieudotte and
George Lederman
Blake and Debra Moritz‡
Preeti and
Ajay Nagarkatte
Ms. Katherine Nardin
Jean and
Jordan Nerenberg
Jon and Molly Neuleib
Howard and Cathy Niden
Lynne Considine Nieman
and Jim Parsons
Hope Nightingale and
David Ellis
Susan and
George Obermaier
Peg O'Connor
Roberta Olshansky
Bridget R. O'Neill
Elizabeth Orelup and
Lawrence Sonntag
Brian A. Paetow and
Gretchen K. Beetner
Jim and
Sue Pajakowski
Jana R. O'Brien and
Wayne T. Parman
Vanessa Passini
Amy and Brent Peebles
Sandra and
Michael Perlow
Simon and Kim Perutz
John and
Christine Pfeiffer
Loretta and Dale Pierson
Jennifer and Perry Pinto
Patricia Pippert and
Steven Redfield
Adrienne Pope
Joan and Avner Porat
Andrew and
Judy L. Porte
John and
Julie Rapisarda
Paul Rauch and
Frank Cozzi
Lynne Remington and
Geoff Goldberg
Nina Riccardi
Dana and Jacob Ringer
Susan and Edwin Ritts
John C. Roberts and
Lynn D. Fleisher
Randy and Betsy Rochman
James Roselle
Hilary Rosenthal
Lisa and
Doug Rosskamm
Alan Gordon Rottman
Marilynn Rubio
Joanne C. Ruxin
John Ryan and
Margaret Silliker
The Ryerson Family
Ms. Carol S. Sonnenschein
Richard and Susan Sanders
Ellen Sandor
Pamela and Fred Sasser
Paul Scavone and
Donna Pawlus
Michelle Maton and
Mike Schaeffer
Howard and Gail Schaffner
Michelle Schlack
David and Susan Schmid
Richard and Robin Schmitzer
Matthew and Tina Schubert
Alan Kozlowski and
John Schuchert
Dr. Michele D. Semin
Diana and Richard Senior
Mark and Kimberly Shadle
Surendra and Dorothie Shah
Michael Shapiro and
Deb Gohr
Nancia Shawver and
Larry Weiner
Hope and Jeffrey Sheffield
Mr. and Mrs. David
R. Shevitz
Jeffrey Singer and
Patricia Carman
Nancy and Bob Singleton
James and Mary Jo Slykas
Neil Smith Family
Dariel J. Stack
Michael and
Salme Harju Steinberg‡
Kristin and Stan Stevens
Kelly and Jami Stone
Lawrence Stone and
Margaret Jongleux
Nancy and Barney Straus
Ms. Jennifer Stuart
Gail and John Straus
Lauren and Steve Strelsin
Edward A. Studzinski
Shannon S. Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. James
V. Talano
Ilene Patty and Tom Terpstra
The Tipton Family
John and Maribeth Totten
Nick Trakas and Marc Cerone
Greg and Mary Tuite
Tali and Liat Tzur
Betty Vandenbosch
Erika Nelson and
David Wagener
Albert and Sherrie Weiss
Carey Weiss and
Karen Pierce
Sanford and Vicki White
Chris Whyde and
Matthew Philip
Jane and Greg Wintroub
Jeff and Jessica Wisniewski‡
Lawrence and Nancy Wojcik
Sherry Wolfe
Joe Wolnski and
Jane Christino
Edward Wroble
Bobbi Zabel
Eileen and David Zampa
Ian Zavitz and
LaDonna Bailey
David and Elizabeth Zott

Major Endowment Support

Hope Abelson Fund for New Play Development
Artistic Endowment established through the Leading National Theatres Program, a joint initiative of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Ruth D. and Ken M. Davee New Works Fund
Douglas R. Brown Playwright/Director Endowment Fund
Ford Foundation Artistic and General Operating Endowment Funds
Richard and Mary L. Gray Production Endowment Fund
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Fund for the Development of New Work
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
The Davee Foundation
Daniel E. McLean National and International Production Fund
Avy and Marcie Stein Sustaining Fund for the Ensemble
Steppenwolf Board Designated Endowment Fund
Steppenwolf Theatre Company Endowment Fund created with Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust
Nancy L. Wald Production Endowment Fund
John and Carol Walter Production Endowment Fund