All professional and student actors with a high school diploma are encouraged to apply. Our students in recent years have been a diverse group of performers from all backgrounds and levels of experience, ranging in age from the late teens to the mid-fifties, hailing from all over the United States and the far reaches of the globe. We are searching for diversity in our ensemble in every way - ethnic, age, training, and life experience. In our students, we are looking for honesty, openness, and willingness to work.

To be considered for an audition, send your fully completed Application Form with headshot, resume, personal statement, letter of recommendation and a non-refundable application fee of $50, to our administrative offices by the application postmark deadline. Whether or not we audition all applicants is based on the number of applications we receive as there are a limited number of audition slots available. You will be notified about your audition status no more than two weeks after the application deadline. If you receive an audition, we will contact you about your specific date, time, location, and audition materials.

For the summer of 2017, auditions will be held in Chicago and New York City. In-person auditions are highly recommended, but we are happy to receive recorded audition submissions from international students or students who are unable to attend a designated audition day. Our auditions consist of one 2-minute contemporary monologue and a reading of a scene. Two weeks before the audition we will provide you with a selection of scenes to choose from. Alumni from the school will be your audition reading partners. All applicants will be notified about their acceptance status by April 14, 2017


Tuition: For this summer's residency, tuition is $4,000. This covers courses and class materials only. Students are responsible for obtaining their own room and board. One third of this fee is due upon acceptance into the program. The remaining balance is due one week prior to the first day of classes. All payments are to be made by credit card or by certified check or money order made payable to Steppenwolf Theatre Company. We cannot accept personal checks at this time. No student will be permitted to begin classes before we have processed their full payment.

Withdrawal Policy: If a student needs to withdraw from the program due to an illness or emergency (during the first two weeks only), their tuition will be refunded, minus payment for weeks already attended. Because of the cumulative progression of the curriculum we don't accept wait list applicants after our second week of classes and therefore no payment can be refunded after June 19, 2017 .

Scholarships: There is a limited amount of scholarship money available. Scholarships will apply to tuition only. All travel, housing and living expenses are the responsibility of the individual. Students interested in applying for a scholarship should indicate this on their Application Form. Upon acceptance into the program, a separate Scholarship Application will be sent to you.

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If you have further questions regarding The School at Steppenwolf, please contact the School Director: 
Jonathan Berry at (312) 654-5653 or by email at