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Welcome to Garage Rep 2012!

WELCOME TO GARAGE REP 2012! We are honored to have three exciting storefront companies as a part of this year’s line-up: LiveWire Chicago, The Inconvenience, and Theatre Zarko. This year’s repertory was conceived so as to be in conversation with our season theme: Dispatches from the Homefront. These stories are asking us to engage with the complicated questions about what divides us, what unites us, and how empathic human connection filters down to the choices we make every day as citizens of the world. The Garage is Steppenwolf’s dedicated space to support emerging artists and cultivate new audiences. We want all kinds of people to feel that this space can be an artistic home—a place to share ideas, find inspiration, dream big, and lounge in our newly remodeled lobby. Have you checked out the very cool wall of scripts? Producing theatre in rotating repertory is like no other experience. It’s a complicated process because the companies must share resources, particularly the resource of the performance space itself. This requires the three groups to look beyond their own inner circles of collaborators and develop creative relationships across “party lines.” While each company brings a unique vision and aesthetic to the program, the shared value of generosity was the driving force behind the work they created together. The companies built community going through this creation process together. I hope you will continue to support these innovative companies by seeing their work throughout the city for years to come. See you in the Garage! Jacob G. Padrón Associate Producer