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Lost Chicago

by Various Ensemble Members

Lost Chicago Ora Jones There are tons of places over the years that have gone away that I miss, but the two that immediately spring to mind are Sweet Home Chicago and Joel's. Robert Breuler Meyer's Delicatessan-German Meats - especially Bockwurst and sauerkraut and good hard dark German rye bread - Wickstrom's Swedish Deli - the greatest potato salad and carrot salad and the Gaslight Corner Bar across from the old Steppenwolf at 2850 N Halsted.. Martha Lavey Crosscurrents, MoMing, NAME Gallery, Randolph Street Gallery (when it was actually ON Randolph Street). These are all places where I performed with my composer/writer friends in the early ā€˜80s and out of which I have treasured memories. Tina Landau O'Rourke's. The bar that was across the street from the theater. The bar that everyone from Steppenwolf hung out at every night after the shows. O'Rourke's was as great a part of my initiation into a Steppenwolf culture as was....well, everything else. Terry Kinney O'Rourkes was a sad loss for all actors, as was Gaslight across from 2851 Halsted. A lot of our history played out in those 2 places. K. Todd Freeman O'Rourkes. Anna Shapiro La Choza in Rogers Park!!! Best kamoosh ever!!! Mariann Mayberry The Belden Deli - Marshall Fields - O'Rourkes Bar on North Ave. - Ideal Candies - the old Steppenwolf on North Halsted and the Gaslight bar across the street - Amvets Value Village next door to the old Steppenwolf - Seminary Restaurant at Halsted/Lincoln/Fullerton - Wisdom Bridge Theatre - Flukey's Hot Dogs. Amy Morton Marshall Field's: the fact that Macy's refused to keep the name insured that I will never go in there. Fanny May candy. Yeah, it's still exists but it's made in Ohio and DOES NOT taste the same. Berghoff's, especially their creamed spinach. Mike Royko. The ā€œSā€ curve in Lake Shore Drive: dangerous as hell but very Chicago. Remains Theatre The Daily News The Ogden Avenue Bridge Amazing Grace in Evanston - great live music. The little triangle of land at the intersection of Lincoln, Ashland, and Belmont where Christmas trees and pumpkins were sold and now it's a damn bank. The name Comiskey Park Ideal Candy on Clark St. The Pigeon Man on the corner of Western and Lawrence. Ray Rayner Clutch Cargo and his little dog Paddle Foot. Yasen Peyankov Cafe Voltaire, coffee shop with a theatre in the basement, where many local actors, myself included had their first start Ivanhoe Theatre an other popular theatre venue on Wellington and Halsted, hosted Hellcab for many years The Organic Theatre on Clark, also an other iconic theatre hot spot, sadly sold and turned into condos Jeff Perry Riverview amusement park.......