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Hello First Look Audiences!

by Artistic Producer Rebecca Rugg

Welcome to Steppenwolf’s SEVENTH annual First Look Repertory of New Work. We’ve been hard at work putting these productions together and adding the audience is the final, most important step of the process. We look forward to hearing your responses to these plays-please stay for a post-show discussion (or let us know what you thought on Facebook/Twitter)! The writers and directors of this year’s plays have interviewed each other by email, as everyone was traveling this summer. In the following pages you’ll see a virtual conversation between these creative collaborators who were all working together for the first time. Their interviews offer three examples of how artists begin a relationship, get on the same page about what a play means and reveal themselves to each other. If you are interested in more of the inside scoop on how these plays and others make it from idea to production, check out Steppenwolf’s brand new, totally rocking website dedicated to new play process, MASSIVE DRAFT ( To give a taste in this program of massive draft style, the authors of this year’s staged readings answered questions in a “pyramid interview” format. I tried the pyramid interview as myself on the following page as an exercise, changing the questions to be about producing First Look. See you at the Garage! Rebecca Rugg Artistic Producer