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A Letter from Buzz22 Chicago's Co-Artistic Directors

by Sara Sawicki and Scott Weinstein

LETTER FROM THE CO-ARTISTIC DIRECTORS Sara Sawicki and Scott Weinstein, Co-Artistic Directors, Buzz22 Chicago Greetings, Adventurers! We’re Buzz22 Chicago and it is a pleasure to meet you! The world we are about to share with you is not the world we live in today. There is no text messaging. There is no video chat. There’s a lot of denim and more than a handful of heads of hair with frosted tips. While 1995 is the not-so-distant past, at times it feels a million miles away. Yet, growing up hasn’t changed all that much. Growing up was just as scary—filled with the same bullies, insecurities and discoveries. SHE KILLS MONSTERS is also a world of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, of fairies, orcs, demons and spells. Though it connects us to the world in ways we never thought possible, much of the progress we have made over the past 18 years sometimes disconnects us from those we’re closest to. Through storytelling, improvisation and shared experience, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS continues to bring people together. If you haven’t already figured it out, you are about to take part in an epic tale. But at its heart lies a simple story about family. Whether chosen, stumbled upon or born into, a family has the opportunity to know you better than anyone in the world. And when you allow someone that knowledge, it often comes with a challenge: to be the person you are meant to be. Suddenly you are made accountable to a version of yourself you may not have even known was waiting patiently to be let loose. To accept that challenge is not a comfortable thing. It’s not an easy thing. To be honest, it is often a quite terrifying thing. But is it worth it? Buzz22 would answer you with a resounding “HELL YES!” We’re glad you’re here. MISSION Buzz22 Chicago stages stories to explore the constant coming of age: the ever-occurring moments that challenge who we are and who we want to be. HISTORY Buzz22 Chicago is an ensemble-based theater company comprised of seven founding members. Since the fall of 2010, we have produced four mainstage productions as well as a handful of special events. In our first year of ‘real life’ we found ourselves in Artistic Director Sara’s studio apartment, talking. That talking quickly led to doing. In doing, we found that the lost sense we were experiencing as recent graduates was something broader and more significant than we had originally recognized. We found that change, growth and transition are a part of all stages of life and we have made it our mission to explore those moments through innovative takes on existing work as well as bold presentations of new work, while also providing an artistic home for other emerging artists. GET INVOLVED Buzz22 could not exist without the support of people like you. Being here tonight is a great first step, and if you’re interested in staying involved, head to