Renewal oF Downstairs theater

Steppenwolf enters Phase Three of the expansion with accessibility-minded renovations to the current Downstairs Theater that will greatly enhance the audience experience for the entire community. Renovations and upgrades to the beloved 1650 building will begin as soon as Phase 2 reaches its completion in 2021. Upgrades include:

  • Adjusting the Downstairs Theater’s main floor and balcony seating to improve sightlines for over 50 seats in the house
  • Modifying the proscenium stage to make it more uniformly suited for production transfers and directorial vision as well as more accessible for artists and production staff
  • Reverting the Upstairs Theater back to its original form as two rehearsal halls
  • Changes to the Downstairs lobby and social spaces to bring them into communion with Phase 1 and Phase 2 social venues

Steppenwolf looks forward to investing in not only our new home at 1646 N. Halsted, but our current signature home at 1650 N. Halsted. Please stay tuned for more details on Phase 3 as Phase 2 gets underway.

“Similar to how you wouldn’t want to use the same frame for every painting in your house, we want Steppenwolf to offer three different exchanges with our audiences—the classic proscenium experience in the Downstairs Theater, the cabaret experience in the 1700 Theater, and now an intimate in-the-round experience with the new theater”

– Anna D. Shapiro, Artistic Director