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A Safe Return

As we prepare to welcome you back to the theater, we understand that you may have questions about how your theatre-going experience will change and where you can find the most recent safety updates to plan your return. We invite you to explore our FAQ to help put your mind at ease.


On the stage

Our 2021/22 season will serve as a celebration of the voices of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. For the first time in our history, each play has been written by an ensemble member, and each production will serve as a testament to our resilience as a company, our commitment to our audiences and our reinvestment in one another. For over 45 years, Steppenwolf has made art in uninterrupted grace. This last year has taught us all how lucky we are to be a part of one another’s lives and, most especially, a part of yours.


By ensemble member Tracy Letts
Directed by David Cromer
Featuring ensemble members Randall ArneyCarrie Coon and Namir Smallwood with Jennifer Engstrom and Steve Key

November 11 – December 12, 2021
In the Downstairs Theater

In a seedy Oklahoma motel room, a lonely waitress begins an unexpected love affair with a young drifter.  And then they see the first bugs... Tracy Letts’s mind-bending cult classic—a luridly funny tale of love, paranoia, and government conspiracy—roars back to Steppenwolf.

King James

By ensemble member Rajiv Joseph
Directed by Kenny Leon
Featuring ensemble member Glenn Davis with Chris Perfetti

March 3 – April 10, 2022
In the Downstairs Theater

“King” LeBron James’s reign in Cleveland brings promise, prosperity and renewal to a city in desperate need of all three. It also brings together two childhood friends who communicate best when they are talking and arguing about sports. King James is an intimate exploration of the place that sports and athletes occupy in our emotional lives and relationships. It explores the star player’s impact on Cleveland, from his rookie season to the city’s historic championship, and the lives of these two unlikely friends whose turbulent relationship is best navigated through their shared love of the sport in a verbal game of one on one. Though he is never seen in the show, LeBron James serves as a symbol for the hopes, desires and fears that they have bottled up since childhood.

Choir Boy

By ensemble member Tarell Alvin McCraney
Directed by Kent Gash

June 16 – July 24, 2022
In the Downstairs Theater

Pharus Young, now a senior at the Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys, an institution committed to building “strong, ethical Black men,” endeavors to be the best leader of the school’s prestigious choir in its 50-year history. But in a world built on rites and rituals, should he conform to the expectations of his peers in order to gain the respect he desperately seeks? Written by Oscar-winning ensemble member Tarell Alvin McCraney (Moonlight), this Tony-nominated play—threaded throughout with soul-stirring a cappella gospel hymns—is the story of a young gay Black man and his battle between identity and community.


By Anton Chekhov
Adapted and directed by ensemble member Yasen Peyankov
Featuring ensemble members Tim HopperSandra MarquezCaroline NeffKaren Rodriguez, and Namir Smallwood
April 28 – June 12, 2022
In the NEW in-the-round Ensemble Theater

In a giant country house filled to overflow on a long summer weekend in the Russian countryside, three generations collide in Yasen Peyankov’s extraordinarily funny and magical adaption of Anton Chekhov’s Seagull, the play that will open our new Round Theater. In classic Chekhovian style, a majority ensemble cast will wrestle with the eternal questions that haunt the intellectual artist class: What is Love? What is Art? When is Lunch? Please join us for this historical moment in Steppenwolf’s journey as we explore the work that inspired us, laugh at the battles that consume us and celebrate, together, all that makes us grateful for each other.

Steppenwolf for Young Adults

Steppenwolf Theatre Company is proud to produce productions each season for their nationally recognized Young Adults series that is focused on creating professional plays specifically for a teen and family audience. We bring the same professional caliber of work to these plays that we bring to all Steppenwolf productions. In these two productions, we examine what it means to take ownership over our personal and systemic traumas and how the arts can help us discover our future selves. These productions encourage us to wonder, "How will we move forward if we have yet to confront our past?"

The Red Folder Project

Inspired by Red Folder, an illustrated play written, directed and illustrated by ensemble member Rajiv Joseph and featuring ensemble member Carrie Coon

Engagement with THE RED FOLDER PROJECT is ongoing but requires registration. Please click the MORE INFO button below to register and receive next steps.

In Rajiv Joseph’s Red Folder, a first grader’s elementary school folder is just a folder, until it isn’t. In this short virtual play, a child’s world is turned upside down when he starts to believe his self-worth should be measured by which side of his school folder, left or right, his work belongs in. Inspired by this exceptional piece of storytelling, Joseph’s play will be packaged for teachers to stream for free in classrooms around the world in addition to a suite of virtual fodder encouraging students to consider their own red folders by asking, “How can art act as a tool for reflection, helping us to see something from our past in a new light?”

Recommended for grades 8+