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  1. Bringing the Outside In: Building Cherry Orchard

    One of the surprising elements of Steppenwolf Theatre Company's Cherry Orchard is the place itself. Artistic Director Martha Lavey spoke to scenic designer Riccardo Hernandez at his studio in Connecticut about the exciting process of bringing Cherry Orchard to life. ...more

  2. Cherry Orchard - Artistic Director Martha Lavey's Preview
    by Martha Lavey

    We are delighted to welcome you to the Upstairs Theatre at Steppenwolf for our production of Anton Chekhov's Cherry Orchard. ...more

  3. Cherry Orchard Blossoms in a New Translation

    Director of New Play Development Ed Sobel interviews Associate Artistic Director Curt Columbus about the translation of Cherry Orchard and the art of Anton Chekhov. ...more

  4. Cherry Orchard on the Page

    Backstage compares a translation from a library textbook with a piece of Columbus's script. ...more

  5. Unearthing Cherry Orchard's Roots

    The history of Anton Chekov's Cherry Orchard. ...more

  6. Moving Up and Moving On

    Steppenwolf's production of Cherry Orchard, Chekhov's final and greatest play about family and change, appropriately marks an exciting transition for the Steppenwolf family of artists and subscribers. ...more

  7. One Arm: Two Geniuses
    by Curt Columbus

    Curt Columbus discusses artistic process with Moisés Kaufman, the adaptor and director of Tennessee Williams's One Arm. ...more

  8. Beyond The Glass Managerie: The Wonderful World of Tennesee Williams
    by Jack Tamburri

    Born in Mississippi in 1911, Thomas Lanier Williams (nicknamed "Tennessee" by his St. Louis schoolmates for his thick Southern accent) became one of America's most significant theatrical personalities, by turns lauded and denigrated over the course of his lifetime. ...more

  9. Bravo to American Express

    Steppenwolf is delighted to recognize the American Express Company’s continued sponsorship of the Upstairs Theatre Season and the Upstairs Theatre Transition. ...more

  10. A Simple Question...for Terry Kinney
    by Terry Kinney

    Backstage presented Steppenwolf co-founder Terry Kinney with the simple question - what's up for you this fall? ...more

  11. Star with the Stars

    Recently, some of the auction prize winners enjoyed once-in-a-lifetime dinner party evenings. ...more

  12. Ogilvy & Mather Chicago Gives Steppenwolf Communications a New Look

    In recent seasons, the design team at Ogilvy has given our publications and production materials an artistic look that matches the creativity of the events they promote. ...more

  13. 2004 – 2005 Directors Circle Schedule of Events

    Upcoming Directors Circle events for the 2004-2005 season. ...more

  14. Exelon, Proud Parent of ComEd, sponsors Steppenwolf's Twenty for $20 Initiative
    by John W. Rowe

    With the help of Exelon, Steppenwolf has launched an initiative that makes twenty tickets available for every Downstairs Theatre performance for just $20. ...more

  15. SELF DEFENSE or, death of some salesmen

    This fall, Steppenwolf audiences will get a chance to witness the Chicago premiere of SELF DEFENSE or, death of some salesmen by Carson Kreitzer, based on the compelling true story of "serial killer" Aileen Wuornos. Presenting this new work in the Garage is a visiting company new to our audiences - Rivendell Theatre Ensemble. Associate Artistic Director Curt Columbus talked to Tara Mallen, who is playing the central role in SELF DEFENSE, about her company and this fascinating new play. ...more

  16. Here for You

    A few of the many members of Audience Services and Front of House took a short break to introduce themselves to the readers of Backstage. ...more