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Tom Irwin


Tom Irwin, a member of the Steppenwolf ensemble since 1979, won a Joseph Jefferson Award for his haunting performance as Tom in Steppenwolf's The Glass Menagerie. Acting highlights with Steppenwolf include The Grapes of Wrath (La Jolla & The Royal National Theatre London), Balm in Gilead (off-Broadway), My Thing of Love (Broadway), The Homecoming, Three Sisters, Hedda Gabler, Aunt Dan and Lemon, A Parallelogram and The Seafarer.. Tom played Graham Chase in the critically acclaimed ABC drama My So-Called Life. Broadway credits include Fiction and in the West End in Up for Grabs with Madonna and Pyrenees (Kirk Douglas Theatre, Los Angeles). Irwin has been on the faculty of The Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University and Columbia College in Chicago. He is a class instructor at Steppenwolf Theater West School of Drama in Los Angeles, California.

Watch & Listen

  1. And A Nightingale Sang

    And A Nightingale Sang

  2. The Grapes Of Wrath

    The Grapes Of Wrath

  3. We All Went Down To Amsterdam

    We All Went Down To Amsterdam

  4. The Seafarer in Rehearsal

    The Seafarer in Rehearsal

  5. Will the Circle Be Unbroken? in Production

    Will the Circle Be Unbroken? in Production

  6. The Seafarer in Production

    The Seafarer in Production

  7. Tom Irwin on Mr. Lockhart

    Tom Irwin on Mr. Lockhart

  8. A Parallelogram in Rehearsal

    A Parallelogram in Rehearsal

  9. A Parallelogram in Production

    A Parallelogram in Production

  10. Tom Irwin on A Parallelogram

    Tom Irwin on A Parallelogram

  11. <i>DOMESTICATED</i> in Rehearsal

    DOMESTICATED in Rehearsal

  12. <i>Domesticated</i> - Trailer

    Domesticated - Trailer

  13. <i>DOMESTICATED</i> in Production

    DOMESTICATED in Production

  14. <i>DOMESTICATED</i> - Audience Response

    DOMESTICATED - Audience Response

  15. Bruce Norris gets animated over <i>DOMESTICATED</i>

    Bruce Norris gets animated over DOMESTICATED

Credits & Awards


21 Grams; Midnight Run; Mr. Jones; Deceived; Light of Day; In Quiet Night; The Haunting; Men Don't Leave.


Actor Off-Broadway: New England; Williamstown Theatre Festival: Misha's Party; Northlight Theatre: The Glass Menagerie Wyndham's Theatre, London: Up for Grabs Director New Stage: Night Mother; Long Days Journey Into Night; Free Shakespeare: Richard II; Illinois Shakespeare: King Lear.


Related; Reunion; Ghost Whisperer; Snow White (Hallmark); My So Called Life (ABC); My Life and Times (ABC); No Greater Love (CBS); When Husbands Cheat (W Network); The Girl Next Door; A Step Toward Tomorrow (CBS); Sandy Bottom Orchestra (Showtime); Fatal Exposure (Court TV); Holiday Affair; All Together Now; My Very Best Friend; Innocent Victims; Country Estates; To My Daughter; In the Best Interest of the Child.


Joseph Jefferson Award (The Glass Menagerie).

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