Acting Fellowship

What is the Acting Fellowship?
The Acting Fellowship is a mentorship program designed for a Chicago-based (for one year or more) mid-level theatre artist with limited training.

Who Should Apply?
A focused person of the arts, who is first and foremost an actor, with a variety of other theatre-related interests including: directing, audience engagement and arts administration.

Ideal candidates are well-rounded, self-starters with an active presence in the Chicago theatre community.
Applicants should have an acute awareness of areas in their professional artistic life requiring improvement and development.

To be considered for the Fellowship, applicants must be Chicago-based for one year or more, over 21 years old, and cannot have obtained a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Theatre.

How Can I Apply?
To apply for the Acting Fellowship for 2014/2015, apply for The School at Steppenwolf and indicate your interest where listed on the application.

Quotes from Fellowship Alumni:

“The Steppenwolf acting fellowship not only provided me with the intensive training I needed as an actor, but also with a unique perspective about how an artistic institution of this caliber produces their work. It opened my eyes to just how skilled and passionate you must be in order to dedicate yourself to being a theatre artist. The ability to participate in two different Steppenwolf productions from two completely different angles was truly one of the most educational experiences of my life."
– Andrew Burden Swanson, 2012/2013 Fellow

"An ideal candidate is a performer with an inherent interest in how an ensemble works from the inside out. Someone with a natural curiosity about what it really takes to be a working professional in the theater. Someone who can set goals for themselves and try to take advantage of all of the wonderful resources Steppenwolf lays out in front of them. Not for the faint of heart.....but for those who truly want to grow."
-- Delia Baseman, 2013/2014 Fellow

Program Details

The nine-month program includes:

  • Three-month full scholarship to The School at Steppenwolf
  • Three-month commitment as Assistant Director and Post-Show Moderator on a Steppenwolf production (paid)
  • Three-month commitment as an Understudy on a Steppenwolf production (paid)

Candidates will receive mentorship from key members of the Steppenwolf Ensemble and Artistic Staff.

Questions? Need more information?

Applicants wondering if they are appropriate to apply for the Acting Fellowship should email their headshot and resume to Associate Artistic Director, Erica Daniels, at