Steppenwolf Associates

Steppenwolf’s Young Professionals Group

The Steppenwolf Associates is a collective of the curious, the creative and the compassionate.

We are a group of over 150 young professionals working to introduce, and inspire, Chicago teens to the lifelong love of theater. We are united over a passion for performance, an appreciation for arts education and the inherent ability to cut loose while giving back. We give back by fundraising for Steppenwolf for Young Adults.

Members receive great benefits including membership nights at the theater, private post-show events with artists, mentorship opportunities with Chicago high school students, access to great networking and social events, discounted tickets and more! Admission to the Steppenwolf Associates occurs on a rolling basis. To learn more about the Steppenwolf Associates, download our brochure.

Become an Associate Today!

To become a Steppenwolf Associate, contact 312-654-5601, email, or fill out the online membership form.