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On a sun-scorched island off the coast of Greece, beautiful Penelope awaits the return of her husband, Odysseus, from the Trojan war. Beneath her window, four Speedo-clad men camp in an empty swimming pool, a cock-eyed internment where both provisions and time are running low. Locked in a do-or-die competition to win Penelope’s love, they preen and posture and connive in a last ditch effort to cheat a grisly fate.

Penelope, the newest play by powerhouse Irish playwright Enda Walsh, is an eloquent, wildly funny riff on life, love and the war at home.

Watch & Listen

  1. Playwright Enda Walsh on Penelope

    Playwright Enda Walsh on Penelope

  2. #056: Playwright Enda Walsh with Aaron Carter on Penelope

    #056: Playwright Enda Walsh with Aaron Carter on Penelope

  3. Penelope Audience Response

    Penelope Audience Response

  4. Penelope Teaser

    Penelope Teaser

  5. Penelope in Production

    Penelope in Production

  6. Penelope in Rehearsal

    Penelope in Rehearsal

  7. Amy Morton directs <i>Penelope</i>

    Amy Morton directs Penelope

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Program Articles

Welcome to Penelope

We’re thrilled to present Enda Walsh’s Penelope as the second play in our season, “Dispatches from the Homefront.”

Find a New Language, Construct New Worlds

A conversation with playwright Enda Walsh and Steppenwolf Literary Manager Aaron Carter

The Many Riffs on The Odyssey

The delicious tension between the original and the riff is part of what makes retellings of The Odyssey so popular. Please enjoy this glimpse of the company Enda Walsh’s Penelope keeps.

Survival of the Fittest: Competition and Cooperation

Four men are locked in combat for resources and a mate. From the perspective of evolution, this is the most fundamental of competitions: surviving long enough to pass your genes to the next generation.

Three Questions for the Cast of Penelope

Fun facts about the cast of Penelope

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Pre-Show Discussions
January 18, 25 and February 1 before
Wednesday Matinees
1:15-1:45 in the balcony lobby (for 2:00 showtimes)

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Friday, January 20 at 7:30pm

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Saturday, January 21 at 3pm

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Sunday, February 5
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    Partial support for open captioning provided by Theatre Development Fund