Mary Swanson just moved to Middletown, eager to start a family and enjoy the neighborly bonds a small town promises. But when Mary befriends resident John Dodge, she is quick to discover that below Middletown’s flinchingly honest exterior lies something much more complex. Middletown is a wry, human portrait of a town with two lives, one ordinary and visible, the other epic and mysterious.

Watch & Listen

  1. In the Middle of Middletown

    In the Middle of Middletown

  2. Explore: The World of Middletown

    Explore: The World of Middletown

  3. Middletown Audience Response

    Middletown Audience Response

  4. Middletown in Production

    Middletown in Production

  5. Middletown Trailer

    Middletown Trailer

  6. Middletown in Rehearsal

    Middletown in Rehearsal

  7. Steppenwolf Donor Cast Party 2011 with the cast of Middletown

    Steppenwolf Donor Cast Party 2011 with the cast of Middletown

  8. Steppenwolf

    Steppenwolf's 2010-2011 Season Theme

Cast & Artists

The Artists


“Five Stars! Brilliant new work!”
—Time Out Chicago

“This production is not only thought-provoking, it's thought-inspiring.”
—Northwest Indiana Times

“A piece that’s a bit like Thornton Wilder’s Our Town if it had been penned by Dr. Seuss and edited by Samuel Beckett.”
—Chicago Tribune

“A vision of Americana that is dark, gentle and laced with witty humor.”
—Chicago Sun Times

Program Articles

The Places We Remember

At Steppenwolf, we love to bring actors' voices alive in our programs. For Middletown, we also wanted to talk about how regular places are made important by the memories we attach to them. We asked all of the cast members to answer questions from a list of 20 – some serious, some playful – about places that left an impression in their lives. Here's what they had to say…

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