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This promenade performance breathes life into the extraordinary true story of identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons, Caribbean immigrants trying to find their place in provincial Wales in the 1970s. The young girls made a secret and powerful pact that went unbroken for over 20 years: speak to no adult, decide everything together, do everything in unison. But in the privacy of their room, the girls’ fantasy life blossomed as they wrote hyper-kinetic novels of teenage lust and rebellion.

The Twins Would Like to Say is presented in promenade. To more fully understand promenade theatre, you may view this public service announcement circa 1979.

Play Safe: Promenade Theatre from Dog & Pony Theatre on Vimeo.

(Video created by: Freddie Beckley, Seth Bockley, Colleen Chapelle, and Devon de Mayo)

Dog & Pony has presented 10 full productions in five years. The company made its debut with Michael Frayn's Clouds at the historic Chicago Cultural Center in May 2004. In 2007, Chicago Magazine named Dog & Pony Best Theater Troupe. The spring 2008 world premiere of As Told By The Vivian Girls, a devised promenade play by Associate Artistic Director Devon de Mayo and Dog & Pony’s ensemble that drew inspiration from renowned outsider artist Henry Darger, garnered three After Dark Awards.

Dog & Pony was honored with two non-Equity Jeff Award nominations for its productions of Mr. Marmalade and The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabbler. This spring’s production of God's Ear was also nominated.

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