When their son is killed in the war, David and Martha are unable to help their daughter Clara comprehend the loss. Instead she retreats into a nightmarish world in which evil rats are trying to destroy her. Just when all hope seems lost, Great Uncle Drosselmeyer arrives bearing a mysterious gift that may help Clara and her army of toys defeat the rats just in time for Christmas.

The House’s completely re-imagined version of The Nutcracker isn’t the dusty old ballet you remember. It weaves together riveting dialogue, astonishing puppetry, beautiful song, spellbinding spectacle, and a thrilling eight piece string orchestra to tell a darkly moving story of magic and mystery that you never knew existed. From the creative team behind the recent Chicago hits The Sparrow and The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz, The Nutcracker is a fresh and startling take on a Christmas classic that’s perfect for adults and kids to enjoy together.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Watch & Listen

  1. The Nutcracker in Production

    The Nutcracker in Production

Cast & Artists

The Artists

  • Author: Phillip C. Klapperich, and Jake Minton
  • Directed by: Tommy Rapley
  • Scenic Design: Collette Pollard
  • Costume Design: Debbie Baer
  • Lighting Design: Ben Wilhelm
  • Original Music: Kevin O'Donnell
  • Sound Design: Scotty Iseri
  • Stage Manager: Katie Beeks
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Julia Dossett
  • Dramaturg: Kelly Kerwin

The Cast

  • Seth Bockley
  • Laura Grey
  • Joshua Holden
  • Fannie Hungerford
  • Maria McCullough
  • Ericka Ratcliff
  • Geoff Rice
  • Michael Smith
  • Vanessa Stalling
  • Joey Steakley

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