The writers of Dave DaVinci Saves the Universe and The Valentine Trilogy have created The House’s newest tragic superhero in the dark tale of Emily Book, a young orphan from Spring Farm, Illinois who has been mysteriously blessed with telekinetic powers. Conceived by Nathan Allen with words by Chris Mathews and Jake Minton, The Sparrow reflects the collaborative efforts of the entire company of the House.

Cast & Artists

The Artists

  • Author: The House
  • Directed by: Nathan Allen
  • Scenic Design: Collette Pollard
  • Costume Design: Ana Kuzmanic
  • Lighting Design: Ben Wilhelm
  • Original Music: Kevin O'Donnell
  • Sound Design: Michael Griggs
  • Stage Manager: Brian DesGranges
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Julia Dossett
  • Dramaturg: Kelly Kerwin
  • Assistant Director: Molly Brennan, Tommy Rapley
  • Choreographer: Tommy Rapley
    Assistant Choreographer: Patrick Andrews
    Production Manager: Dixie Uffelman
    Assistant Production Manager: Chad Kenward
    Production Assistants: Marika Mashburn, Jacob Zawa
    Technical Director: G. Warren Stiles
    Music Producers: Mike Pryzgoda, Jeremiah Chiu
    Sound Technician: Phil Canzo
    Scenic Painter: Carrie Ahaus
    Props Designer: Tracy Otwell
    Props Assistant: Christianna Huber
    Props Shopper: Dan Pellant
    Master Electrician: Maggie Fullilove-Nugent
    Electricians: Mike Smallwood, Joe Giovannetti
    Film Designer, Director: Lucas Merino
    Assistant Costume Designer: Anna Weber
    Magic Designer: Dennis Watkins

The Cast

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Running Time

Content Advisory

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