Steppenwolf for Young Adults

Steppenwolf Theatre Company produces world-class theater based on the principles of ensemble performance that showcases the work of the finest actors, directors and playwrights. The company, formed in 1976 by a collective of actors, has a celebrated history of producing challenging theater with an intimate relationship between the audience and the actors.

Steppenwolf for Young Adults (SYA) programs build on this legacy by sharing the principles of ensemble collaboration, superior acting and the creation of new work with the wider community in which we live. Our productions and programs are specifically geared to teachers, young adults and families. We present professional productions of established plays, original adaptations of novels and new works for audiences of all ages.

2013/14 Season

Please join us for Steppenwolf for Young Adult's 2013/14 season: Two plays, one new and one classic, where young people navigate tricky moral landscapes—and must confront personal accountability for their choices—in games both virtual and real.

Lord of the Flies

Adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams
Directed by Halena Kays

A plane wreck strands a group of English boys on a deserted island during wartime. As they slowly explore their new-found freedom, what starts out as fun and games turns into a vicious battle for power when the boys split into two opposing tribes: one that strives for civility and another that delights in savage violence. The competition escalates into a dangerous, frightening climax, as this thrilling classic looks into the darker parts of human nature where it’s civilization vs. savagery and the mob vs. morality.


Leveling Up

By Deborah Zoe Laufer
Directed by Hallie Gordon
February 26 – March 15, 2014 in the Downstairs Theatre

Three twenty-something roommates are glued to their video games. They are masters of the virtual worlds behind the computer screens in their Las Vegas basement. When one of them uses his gaming skills to land a job with the National Security Agency launching actual drones and missiles, and online battles begin to have real consequences. Leveling Up is a fresh, contemporary look at how we navigate the blurry line between worlds both virtual and real and what it means to grow up.


Teachers, bring your students!

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